About Center for Behavioral Health

Center for Behavioral Health is a 18-bed inpatient, free standing Adult Psychiatric hospital that specializes in treating Anxiety, Major Depression, Mood disturbances, Psychosis, and other mental health illnesses.

Located in Camden County, Missouri, OBCBH adds a medical specialty that is currently very limited to the estimated 224,000 individuals living within the primary service area of the facility (which includes the following counties; Camden, Benton, Hickory, Dallas, Laclede, Pulaski, Miller and Morgan).

OBCBH, with its full complement of licensed mental health professionals, provides intensive, inpatient treatment for conditions associated with mental illness.

Based upon the service area’s psychiatric demography, a total of 108 psychiatric beds are needed to meet the hospital inpatient mental health needs that exist within the population.

Its contiguous location next to a nursing home helps to reduce the cost of delivering treatment to patients in need of these services by sharing ancillary and support services (dietary, maintenance, laboratory, pharmacy, etc.) through a service agreement between the two organizations. This inter-organizational service integration avoids the costly duplication of services while offering specialized treatment capabilities that meet a growing and widely recognized need within the medical community.

In addition to offering intensive, short-term inpatient care, OBCBH’s specialized medical and clinical staff provides psychiatric liaison intervention for the medical patients in the local acute care hospital as requested by physicians in the community.

Individualized Treatment Plans are implemented by multidisciplinary teams of professionals using current, research-based, Best Practice protocols designed to achieve maximum therapeutic benefit for each patient entrusted to our care. Within our acute program we strive to excel with patient care and bridge the gap in cognitive care.